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Support Biking and Walking (AND SKATING AND SCOOTING) To School

Welcome to the NVS Bike and Walk (and Skating and Scooting) to School program! This local carbon offset program offers a way for parents and children alike to contribute to our school and help mitigate climate change at the same time. We hope that our actions will help reduce traffic and make our streets safer while promoting sustainable transportation alternatives in Marin County. Our program is hosted in conjunction with the Safe Routes to Schools, a program of the Transportation Authority of Marin and implemented by the Marin County Bike Coalition and is part of a regional effort to encourage active transportation.

Every day that our students and their parents walk or ride their bikes (and skateboards and scooters) to school, they will each earn $1 for NVS. In this program, parents and children alike have the opportunity to support our school.

Supporting this program is easy.


Bike and walk (and skate and scoot) to school! As a student, each time you do, log in your bike or walk (or skate or scoot). Trip logs will be at the vans in San Francisco and the café on campus allowing our entire community to participate wherever they live in the Bay Area. Students who log in 100 rides will win a Spurcycle bell!

Pledge Online

If you are unable bike or walk to school, you can pledge to support families that do and offset your own carbon footprint in the process. To do so, simply click here.

Make change happen

This local offset program offers a way to contribute to our school and help to mitigate climate change at the same time. Our community can now be active participants in the wider movement happening in the Bay Area in which our cities encourage active transportation, livable streets and fighting climate change. As students at NVS, our children learn that young people all over the world have changed the places they live. They can make a difference here. Let's help them do this while supporting our school and changing the communities we live in for the better.