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A Sustainable School Calendar

We have created a yearly rhythm for the children where they are intensely engaged in the learning process in three-week blocks. In regular intervals, usually after six weeks, they step out and digest that information for two weeks and then step back in and reconnect. For a teacher, the subjects come in regular rhythmic phases. For the children, this kind of rhythm enables them to step out as easily as they reconnect. We know that for most parents – and especially for working parents – summers can be challenging. A three-month summer vacation arose out of farmers needing their children home to do the harvesting. This is clearly no longer relevant. We have shortened the summer break and created an additional two-week vacation during the early fall, corresponding to the above three-week blocks.

Our schedule for each day corresponds to the physiological, intellectual and emotional needs of the children. It’s a schedule that’s healthy for the teachers in that they are working with the children’s natural energy instead of against it. Because most children don’t walk to school any more, they need time to reconnect to their bodies and wake up for the day. At the New Village School, each morning all of our children engage in movement, singing and music together. This gives the children the opportunity to awaken, find an inner balance, breathe in a healthy way and be open to new concepts that will be introduced. Music is uplifting and the children are enlivened and more accessible to the more quiet, focused work to come.

Click here for our Sustainable School Calendar.